Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sense of Blogging: Why do I Blog?

BLOG: a user generated website made as journal. often provide commentary or news on prticular subject; also function as personal online diary

Recently, blogs have become very popular. almost everyone who knows how to use an internet has a blog. i am happy but then sad because of the fast growing population. the term blog has been out of use.

why do i blog?

In contrary with what the people know, i am an introvert person. yeah, i have friends, but, i find it hard to express my personal feelings. i am this not so serious type of person who talk about a lot of stuff except my personal life. why? i do not know. maybe because i just want to put some privacy and i don't want to feel so important to i have to lend their attention the moment i start talking. i am a good listener and perhaps a good adviser too but definitely not a good speaker. i prefer working alone. i don't mean to isolate myself but i want to meet my standards. i dont mean to make insult or what but i just hate it when there's someone in a group who does not work or participate just like what is happening now. yeah, printing of works and bookbinding may be free because that's what they call as their participation but it isn't enough. we are talking of intellectual property here. i just can't accept it when there are people suffering, having sleepless nights while the rest are just there, sitting pretty, chatting and talking about DOTA and fucking gossips. my primary reason for blogging is to have someone who will listen to me, ease my burdens, and who will laugh at me when i am happy. and i found it in a blog. not someone. blog alone. here, it's not like a diary where i have to keep my stories in life. i also don't have to ask and please people that, "hey, listen to me i am going to talk now". i am not a very important person who needs attention. it's enough that i have one with me.


paurong said...

how i wish i can be as introvert as you. buti na lang may blog. yes, it's not some crappy diary thingy. we don't have to please anyone or even everybody. keep on writing! cool!

Anonymous said...

e kaw nga buti kp may ganito.. e q nga dinadadaan nlng sa inum..

drama u naman...hehe

ui.. my itatanong lang aq non-sense lang naman..

deejayz said...

why do i blog? i reserve my right to have my own space on the Net. knowledge-sharing. witty compositions. express yourself.

why do you bloghop?

abel said...

good for you then, bihira na ang talaga ang listener, mostly lahat gusto maging speaker

why do i blog? i cannot find the answer right now, but i thing i know why is... i am enjoy blogging ;)