Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Active Blogging Community

it is 2007 when blogging community became very active in social events to communicate, interact, bond, and meet the community in person.

January, BlogParteeh. too bad i wasn't informed. and if ever, i am not sure because it's a busy month (to cope up with Christmas vacation).

February, the idea about recognizing bloggers at their own niches sprouted. I got nominated but too bad i didn't make it to the finals. but anyway, i got a place at blogger's choice. haha

March, The Philippine Blog Awards. it was the second time i believe but the first one wasn't that really formal. deserving people made it and were recognized. RPN 9 was there as well.

April, iblog3 Summit. Blogging really has to be professional now especially in their works. the what and what not to right. is it good? is it safe to write in something or it will affect my being? do i have the niche and all stuff? and oh, blogging is indeed a very good place for marketing din pala.

then this coming April 27, we will have the S.E.B. it's not Sex Eyeball noh! it's Sesyong E-numan ng mga Bloggers. hehe. lol

For the month of May? is there anyone out there planning already? haha

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cars said...

kainggit, at least nakakapunta ka.