Friday, May 25, 2007

1st Jeepney Story: Rugby

I am not pertaining to the Rugby World Cup.


An orange-colored adhesive glue used to repair and/or connect leather/s.

-Self definition

I just got off from school. It was a rainy Wednesday. Summer seems to be over already, I told myself. I hurried to ride and go home early because I don't have any umbrella with me or else, I'll get wet. I was on the jeep with my bestfriend talking about anything under the cold summer day. After some few minutes we have to say our goodbyes already and have to call it a day. I was the only passenger left in the jeep so i just wore the headphone and listened to my techy stuff when suddenly someone came in to take a ride. A beggar. I got shocked. Not because she is a beggar but because of the thing she is holding that time. She is holding a thick bamboo stick (not stalk) for protection and a plastic on her other hand. The plastic contains what more but rugby. I want to stop her from doing so but she is holding a stick and I can't look at her.

I remembered my friend who told me why he smokes. He said that he learned it during the time they were not financially good. A friend has influenced him to smoke with the assurance that he will forget hunger and loneliness of street life for a while and so he did. yes, the feeling of hunger was taken away. It became more of a psychological effect but he doesn't mind it.

I believe it was the same in the case of a mid-aged lady who is sniffing the rugby glue - the drug of choice for street kids who were looking for an easy solution to forget hunger. I am mad at myself because I wasn't able to stop her because she added some more rugby that is somehow diluted placed on a C2 bottle. I do not know that drug couriers are already common here in the province where I am right now and that they are done publicly. All I know is just what people know here is just to pluck, pluck, and pluck some more because the area where I am in is more of an agricultural area (No wonder why we celebrate San Isidro Labrador feast day).

I felt so guilty that I did nothing to stop her where all i did is just go down and leave her with closed eyes.


karlee said...

nagkaoutreach kami dati sa isang rehab, puro little boys na nagrurugby yung napunta samin.

totoo daw na, nakakawala siya ng gutom. pero minsan kapag bumalik yung gutom, mas masakit sa tummy keysa yung last time na pinalipas mo with the rugby. parang it gets worst. tapos may side effects :-SS scary.

natry ko siya noon, nung bata ako. i sniffed the rugby bottle, totoo nga! XD pero hindi ako addik ah :P

YNA said...

There are just some things we can't do anything about. With regards to that lady...maybe it's, yeah, psychological, so you say. And you know, you really can't stop her cause it's her choice, no matter what angle you may look at.

utakGAGO said...

aaron, you're such a saint. don't get me wrong: but you sound like a goodie guy in this post.

take note, in this post! HAHAHA. :p


i don't think the girl would love your plans of 'stealing' or somehow taking that rugby stick away from her.

but lecturing her about rugby's harmful effects within our body has a 50-50 chance. either she'll appreciate your kindness (if she's open for a change) or either a slap of rugby.

oh well, it's the thought that counts. dude. at least you thought about helping her. ^_^

kasi kung ibang tao yan, baka pandirihan pa siya.

as what you've said, rugby is "the drug of choice for street kids who were looking for an easy solution to forget hunger."

ang naisip ko na lang, its better than shabu or marijuana.


daan. napahaba na naman ang comment ko. [para makabawi na rin dahil minsan na lang mag-bloghop]

nga pala - in fairness nababanguhan ako sa rugby! HONESTLY. :D

cars said...

I guess that's her way of coping. To forget things and drown herself in oblivion is what her minds sees as a solution. Though, it is wrong.

You can't really blame her though.

I don't think that she'd appreciate your lecture though, I think she'll just poke you with her bamboo stick *poke* *poke* haha.

don't get to carried away by your conscience. sabi nga ni moses, it's the thought that counts.

i'm sure there are some other ways you can help her.. even indirectly. ;)

sephthedreamer said...

ahh, now i learned one thing. smoking fights hunger. kaya pala every single time i smoke, natatae ako. hehe.

i agree with kevin, you're such a saint. but to feel guilty for something not in your control- mali na un. you can't do anything for the lady but feel sorry for her.

unless gusto mo mapalo ng stick.

Jigs said...

I am with you in this effort you wanted to put in to help the woman. in the state she was in, i doubt you could have done anything to change her disposition. She would have probably made a scene till you stop bothering her. But that's just me.

Who knows, if you did try, maybe you could have reached her.

Lalon said...

"oh well, it's the thought that counts. dude. at least you thought about helping her"

actually may nagawa ka na about it.. kasi your mind thought about it.. may mga bagay nga lang talaga na minsan hesitant tayo na paki-alaman at meron din namang hindi natin pwede paki-alaman.. circumstances varies.

nga pala hindi ko pa nasasagutan yung tag mo.. pasyensya na ho..

Agent Grey said...

they are in that situation because it's their choice. they let vices to corrupt their minds and will.

we can do many things for these pitiful people. but whatever our words may be, it's really up for this people to change their visions of life.

no one can be helped if they themselves don't want to be helped.

l.a said...

Sometimes I feel the same too yung gusto mong tulungan pero hindi mo magawa...

Well that goes same sakin...andami kung nakikitang ganyan sa paligit ng U-Belt hindi dahil sa auko...pero alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi ko kaya..pero one time tumawag ako sa DSWD to pick yung mga bata dun.

Nahuli nila pero after a week andun ulit, tumawag ako sa DSWD sabi nila tumakas daw sa center yung mga bata. T_T

marijuana said...

naalala ko tuloy nung una akong nakakita ng mga batang nagru-rugby.
nagulat lang din ako at walang nagawa...