Sunday, May 20, 2007


And so I was tagged again. Ron has tagged me. This is my fourth time to be tagged actually. The first three was way back in my old blog and i never responded to any of those tags. haha. Maybe because I was so busy with my studies there in that old school. haha. and another is that I don't socialize that much with the other bloggers out there. Good thing is that I have made up to myself and I do socialize now. Weee. But anyways, I believe answering and responding to some unique tags will make the readers know the author more. and I guess, that's one of the purpose of blog. to communicate and know each other more. so when someone needs a companion, someone who can relate to you will give you a broad shoulder. ayt? Ok, so let's get it on. haha


1. Write about how much addicted you are towards something.
2. Don’t forget to include the percentage of ‘addictedness’ towards that thing.
3. All with one condition.. the total percentage must reach 100%.
4. You MUST tag others and continue tagging but please don’t forget to explain the rules and please notify that person so that they know they had been tagged.

Before I'm not so addicted with internet, blogging and chatting. I mean, I do use the internet daily but i make sure and make it to the point that it will eat only an hour or two of my day. Then before the first ever Philippine Blog Awards 2007, I got so addicted using the internet to blog, chat, and all sort. Probably, one of the reasons why is that I've also learned to socialize with other co-bloggers. And it has been a year already since i decided to go out of my shell. haha.

19% Movies
Everybody is talking about these and that. If I do not know what's hawt and what's not, I'm out. haha. I mean, I don't always watch the latest movies on cinemas but i find time to watch it. I would be lying if I say I'm not one of those who watch movies from pirated DVD's whose quality is the same to that of those original ones that costs 750 PhP or more. But anyway, I do rent VCD/DVD's of the past movies I've missed and I want to watch again. I am so addicted to watch horror and drama movies alone. haha. Comedy will do. I want to laugh till i fart. haha

16% Sleeping
They say I'm a vampire but no I'm not. It's just that I'm a night person. I do not know. maybe because I grew up very western. Medically, night persons are termed as "nocturnal". But even if I don't seem to sleep anymore because most of my class start as early as 7am, I make it to a point that when I got home after school, I will find time to sleep for a minimum of 4 hours. Then during off school, I always wake up late. Have I told anyone that I'm a narcoleptic person? haha. I find it easy to sleep. anytime, anywhere. may I be sitting, lying on bed, and any position that you may think. haha.

15% Reading
This percentage includes novel books, stories, magazines, and blog stories. haha. If I would be reading school stuff books related to health and wellness, yeah, I can survive but life will be less interesting. Reading other stuff is my one way of relaxing. Fun isn't it?

11% Eating
Yeah, I am skinny but I am a food addict. It's just that you can't see the reflection of how I eat on my body because I have a fast metabolism. And include the hyperthyroidism caused by stress and not so interesting but feeling important school stuff. I want to taste all the type of foods available out there. Who doesn't want to eat anyway? It's the most relaxing thing to do next to sleeping. I do food trip but on safe areas. haha.

9% Sports
Though I am not so much athletic now, still I am addicted to sports. I don't play on tournaments anymore or any competitions out there because of my health condition, I still find time to play. This time, the lighter ones. Huhu. I miss tennis and swimming already. I don't go anymore for training and I often play my two favorite sports. Now, I just play with my other family members and some personal friends. Aww.

8% Malling
Yes, the best things in life are free but whosoever says that might not know what shopping and roaming around can bring to a lot of people including me. But now, I try to budget more my money so that I will no problem with my studies. haha. I love eating after a long walk and playing at Timezone. Weee!

2% Sex Life
Life without this is boring. Do i have to explain it more? A man would be lying if he deny something about his sex life. and ask girls as well. haha. I am not talking here of "intercourse". haha. asa naman. What I'm pointing is how the wild imagination think especially when bored. haha. Aww, I've said enough. haha. lolzies :-p

Who I'm Tagging:
Lalon the thumb.sucker
Ken the proud indio
Denib the seminarista.

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kironobu said...

nyeh... di mo man lang sinabe na ginawa mo na pala to.... nagiinay ako eh wahehehe sabe mo sasabihin mo... anyway ahehehehe adik ka! Sex life aheheh woohoo...