Friday, June 01, 2007

2nd Jeepney Story: Lost

I'm safe and sound. I always take care of myself. Nothing so trivia happened to me

Today was a sunny Friday. It's 12.30 in the afternoon and the weather is irritating me. I don't have a class today but I decided to go to school. I'm thinking of buying a new pair of uniform. but unfortunately i didn't.

Magastos pala ang mabuhay

I've been self supporting my studies since i got 18. Though I have earned much, I feel so unprepared about my decision. Recently, I just paid my matriculation and it's almost the same with the near private universities we have here. then the books for major subjects. then the daily allowance and daily stuff to pay. God! I always have to budget my money wisely.

Ok let's go back to my plan of buying a new pair of uniform. I was really supposed to buy but i just didn't. Wanna know why?

Lost. (adj.)
unable to find one's way

-American Heritage Dictionary

Again I am not lost. I am safe and sound. I was on the jeep going to Plaridel (sounds familiar? Yeah it should be. Or else, your Filipino teacher will kick you out from her class). We are only two passengers. I am in the middle of my first ride when a middle-age old man shouted something that i really don't understand. He is an aeta.

Driver: ano sabi niya?
Me: Ewan ko po di ko maintindihan.
(the jeep stopped for a while)
Driver: Oh, saan ka ba bababa?
Aeta: ....neta
Driver: Di ba sa Sta Rita ka pa bababa?
Aeta: ...daneta
Driver: Alam mo ba bababaan mo?
Me @ D: Kuya, Urdaneta yata ang sinasabi
Me @ A: Kuya, Urdaneta Pangasinan ba? Alam mo ba kung saan ka pupunta
Aeta: (confused) hindi

The aeta is in dressed decently but his extra clothings were placed in a bandell (a transparent version of black bag usually used in packing large number of vegetables in the market [Philippines]). I asked the aeta if he really don't have any idea where he is going. He seems to have no idea at all where Urdaneta is. I asked him why he is going there but he just remained silent. I asked him if he has extra money but he just showed some coins and a 50-peso bill. I told the driver "para" to stop so we can go down. The aeta came with me. I can't leave him that way. I assisted him to ride a bus going to Pangasinan and left him some 150 PhP. After, I just decided to walk to reach the terminal as if i was in manila going from Podium to Galleria. but while walking, another incident happened.

Pssst. pssst.

I looked back. I saw a lady carrying a baby girl. I made sure she's whistling at me. After, I smiled at her and went back. I thought she's just going to ask for some direction because she's lost too. I asked her what the problem is.

Girl: Boy, pwede bang makahingi ng pera uuwi lang kasi kami ng anak ko papuntang Cabanatuan. Eh wala kaming pamasahe. Uuwi kami sa mga magulang ko.

I wanna tell her that I don't have money anymore but my conscience just can't let me say those words. I told her, "Ate, wala na po talaga akong pera. nag-aaral pa po kasi ako. pagpasensyahan nyo na po ito." I handed her 20 pesos and told her to ask other people and then i left her. I was on the 2nd jeep, heading to my school now when i realized, I don't have money anymore to buy a pair. I just mingled with my other classmates who in that time are supposed to take make-up exams in Physics. I didn't tell them what happened.

Today, I realized that my burdens are always lighter than the other. I eat more than three times a day and I can send myself to school. My life is more beautiful as it may seem. I just didn't notice how lucky i was. Most of my friends my have left and forgotten me but who cares, I don't need a lot of friends. I only need some that are real. And thinking that, it's not enough reason for me to think that I carry the world and the responsibility I have to give voluntarily to the Philippines. No, I will work hard. Study hard, and do better. I know I can make a difference. A little one is enough for me. I am lucky. I know God has reasons and plans why.


kironobu said...

nu ba yan... ahehe... ako...ang ayoko ng naghihinge ng pera ay mga tao na may pera naman pero wala sila that time wahaha basta... sa kanto biglang may manghihinge sayo ng pera wtf ang lalakas ng loob ng mga tao dito... pero oo nga nakakaawa naman... lucky nga naman... sorry kung di ako nag me make sense...

baylon said...

waw. ambait. di ko kaya un. mahirap na kasi buhay ngayon. kaya ayon.

makasarili ako no?

YNA said...

Let's do it the numbered style *wink wink*.

1. Aaron, you're an angel.
2. This post made me feel like...*sigh*
3. I remembered about that one time when you told me that you got lost in Bulacan. LOL. (Wait, did I remember it right?)
4. Money...again? LOL

So, that's about that. Not that I have something sensible to say. Yun lang.

Lalon said...

that's really nice of you.. hopefully if you plan to have a charitable organization or perhaps run for public office.. please remain as biblical as possible.. i mean to not tell anyone.. even your closest friend about your good deeds coz someone Greater is already seeing it.. it is best to remain anonymous.. (^^,)

Anonymous said...

charity works?
dakila kang nilalang...
bait mu naman..bka kunin ka na ni Lord.. lol..joke!

geh pagbutihin mu kun wala k nman reward d2 im sure sa langit meron.

anjy said...

ang bait!

Billycoy said...

Wow napakabuting bata...


L.A said...

Wow! Napaka-generous mo naman to be honest I was really touched sa story mo.

Minsan kasi I want to help people kaso minsan nahihiya ako kaya hindi ko nagagawa, pero ikaw in-action talaga! I can't believe meron pa palang kagaya mo, your 1 in a million. Aja!

Cheers Aaron! San ang sunod na kawang gawa?