Sunday, June 17, 2007

Epitome of a Father

The Father is the priest in the home. This means standing in the presence of God for others. It means making sacrifices on their behalf. In a deep spiritual sense he stands in the place of God in the home - His representative, the visible sign of His presence, His love, His care. "My son, keep your father's commands and do not forsake your mother's teaching. Bind them upon your heart forever; fasten them around your neck."

-Proverbs 6:20-21

My dad and I had a lot of arguments in the past especially about my rebellious attitude and how I treat my brother (my brother and I are not really in good terms for some reasons). Despite the gap between my dad and I, he still try his very best to protect me and the rest of the family members. In one of my previous post, it is my dad who inspired me to try even harder to pursue what I want to be in life. Everytime I talk to my mom, she always made me cry especially the stories she told me. stories like how my mom and dad made it despite of the differences, how my dad tried to give us the best in life that the world can offer. If i were to live again, I still want them to be my parents and that time, i'll try to make a good image. I know they are proud of me now. But I really want to provide them the best that I can offer. Not as sort of repay but I just simply want to. I'm in the best family despite the "inconsistencies". I am so proud of having them. really.

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YNA said...

Yeah, I received this quote.

Nothing beats having a dad around. I wish I could have experienced that. A Happy Dad's Day to your father.