Saturday, June 02, 2007

Random 101


No. I am not in love. Let's just say that I got inspired with what my mother told me. They are actually creepy stories and I can't believe that my father will be able to do such thing when I was a child. Even though our set of businesses are starting to fall one by one, he still managed to provide everything that i want. If only I know what is happening that time, I should've not tolerated him. The story my mother told me made me cry and it gave me the determination to push even harder. I know they expected a lot from me about taking up a business-related course and i failed them. But i'll prove them wrong. I reserved something better for them. And won't fail them this time. Not even a little. I won't tell what that creepy story was. I just want to remember that i got inspired with what my mother told me. When I look at this entry after some long years, still, I will remember what that creepy story was.


In relation to the first part, I just realized that I should take this away from my priorities. Love will come at its own time. I don't have to hurry. Now, if in case everyone seems in a hurry and they can't wait, I don't care anymore. I will get there. Love doesn't really have to hurt. haha. lolzies.


The links found in every blog serves as authors reference for good blogs that they want to read and get updated. But that was before. But for some it still is. I just want to talk about this because people are just busy and conscious about their technorati rank. They visit your blog and tag you asking for a link exchange. then after exchanging links, they wont visit and read your blog anymore. It has no use. Another rant, I made a study to test if people do really read a blog when they visit one. In my study, I found out that people don't really read. They are so busy about exchanging links. It is written above my tagboard not to ask about exchanging links because it is author's reference for good blogs that he must visit and read daily but still people keep on asking about exchanging links. If people know how to read well, they'll think twice. About link exchanging responsibility, darn, I'm not a machine that you can use to increase your technorati rank. Those people do not know what a blog is. I pity them so much.


We don't really need a lot of friends. We only need some that are few. In friendship, the is no such word as sorry. I only consider 3 values a friendhip must have. Understanding, respect, and trust - those that we learned when we were in Grade 1. In friendship, we don't have to ask why. we just have to understand. They will tell us everything in time. and we just have to respect them and their decisions. since we respect, we trust. we trust that our friend can do it.


I received an sms during a serious conversation and this one is really true. Other people's opinion of us does not have to become our reality. those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it. We don't know the key to success, but one key to failure is to please everyone. So why waste time thinking about what other people will tell you. Basically, we just have to do what makes us genuinely happy.


sephthedreamer said...

i hear you in every word you said (or wrote)

pero dude, dont be blinded by expectations. love. wag naman to the point na, tatandang binata ka. ang dami mo nga girlalets sa avatar mo sa yM.

links! damn you are so right. fuck them na puro link ex. whatever happened to "writing to express, not to impress." good one, aaron break it down!

so kuya, link ex poh!

cars said...

hiiii :)

i love this line: Other people's opinion of us does not have to become our reality. those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.

I agree with most of what you said. Lalo na yung sa link ex. Honestly, I don't care about the technorati thing.. I don't even understand it! LOL.

karlee said...

haynako. ako dapat una. anyways.

tama, kahit naman sino, hindi pede mawawalan ng lovelife. sabi ko nga "lahat naman ng tao may lovelife eh"

hay nako. totoo! ang daming ganyan sa tagboard >:P makikita mo flooded ang tagboard, nilalangaw naman ang comments. ewan ko ba!

tama. hindi naman porke isa lang friend mo, tsugi ka na.buti nga may isa pa eh!

text nanaman. may dalies ako ng text sayo! kaya lng nawala na globe ko.. saddd...

utakGAGO said...


this is really random. nagulat ako't nakasama yung LINKS dun sa Love tsaka sa kung anu-ano pa.

"I know they expected a lot from me about taking up a business-related course and i failed them. But i'll prove them wrong. I reserved something better for them. And won't fail them this time. Not even a little."

this is nice.

baylon said...

onga. di naman importante iyong ranking mo sa mga ganyan. dati gustong-gusto ko talaga laging maraming nagcocomment sa akin. pero hindi na ngayon. naisip ko, wala naman mangyayari sa ganyan. hindi naman ako yayaman.

Kironobu said...

wahehe! Yea I agree with Kim! date ren gustong gusto ko.. ngayun... ok na ren kahit wala as long as naisusulat ko ang mga gusto kong isulat ng hindi inaalala kung ano ang magugustuhan ng mga readers! Sino ba sila? blog ko naman yun...
pag dating naman sa love... tama at hindi minamadali ang sarile... ako nga di ko minamadale na sarile ko... and tama ka na "Other people's opinions doesn't need to become reality." kase yea parang naprepressure ka ren na umarte ng ganun... basta ewan... lol :D nga pala! yung na research mo sa HTN nasan? lolz... jks...

YNA said...

Nawirduhan ako nung binasa ko yung comment box nito. Kasi, sunod-sunod sila. Tapos, kilala ko silang lahat. At...ang hahaba ng comments nila. Wala lang. Out of topic nga ito. LOL

I'd just have to agree with Joe. I could actually feel Aaron James San Pedro's aura radiating from this one. It's so you, kumbaga. The opinions, insights, realizations. Natakot tuloy ako makipag-usap sa'yo! Kidding!

You know, from where I see it, you may not be a disappointment for your parents. Yes, you did not take a business-related course, but you're going somewhere and your goals are clear. And it's more than what other people have.

Yeah. It'll come in its own time.

Couldn't agree more. Amen.

There is such word as SORRY in friendship, Aaron. That's what I think. I mean, in every relationship, we couldn't help it that we hurt the other, one way or another. And patching up is something too. But then, you're points are very good. Dun lang ako nag-disagree.

And you texted me that one. I couldn't agree more to that. Amen to this, too.

Hay, ang haba, Aaron!

Jigs said...

I like your musings in this post, totally random, but totally meaningful.

What's technorati? Hahaha!

I kinda know what you're talking about in the INSPIRED part. About disappointing your parents. I had my fair share of those.

About friendships, I can't agree more... You don't have to surround yourself with a lot of people, you just need a handful which give you the respect and trust you deserve.

gyk said...

i couldn't agree more with what you have said in "OPINIIONS". if we are trapped between our own happiness and with other people think is right, it's like making everybody happi except you being hapi for youself. *go it also from a sms*

CokskiBlue said...

I totally agree with your thoughts on Friendship. One time kasi I had so many acquaintances, tapos di mo na malaman kung sino talaga ang maaasahan mo. May nagsabi tuloy sa akin na: "A Friend of Everybody, is a Friend of NOBODY." Which is true kung talagang pag-iisipan mo.

My technorati's dead. I think the site hates my blog.

Been there. Nakakaguilty nga ang paghingi ng link exchange without actually reading the blog's content. Old time bloggers should know that. Siguro bigyan na natin ng pass yung newbies. At hayaan natin silang palaganapin muna ang kanilang readership.

The thing is, I think there's nothing wrong with link exchanges as long as both parties is ok about linking "with no strings attached".

But I agree, it should not be about the technorati rank, but the quality of visitors you have.

calyn said...

"We don't really need a lot of friends. We only need some that are few." - kapatid, agree naman ako sa sinabi mong ito.. minsan yung ibang tao na kino-consider nating friend ay hindi naman pala talaga friends...some of them are opportunists and back stabbers... nandyan lang sila kapag may kailangan sa iyo pero kapag ikaw na ang nasa di magandang kalagayan... doon mo lang malalaman kung sino talaga ang tunay na kaibigan at kung sino ang pakitang tao lang... kaya minsan maganda na din yung di masyadong magtiwala..

Agent Grey said...

Friendship and Links... they are the same, we only need that qualifies our needs and not their quantities.

Quantities are suffocating especially if most of them are not helpful.

Billycoy said...

ano ba yang agent grey na yan, paenglish-english pa wrong grammar naman!

but anyway, kaya nagtanggal na ako ng cbox, para mga readers hindi lang daan ng daan at di nagbabasa...

aray ko! parang tinamaan ako sa sinabi ko!

but anyway, sa karamihan ng links ko, sila naman humingi ng exchange at di ako, i guess quits lang!

Agent Grey said...

Oh yah, thanks Billycoy, I saw my grammatical error

It should be ...we only need that QUALIFY...

Sorry for flooding, Aaron.