Monday, June 11, 2007

Thinking Healthy

June 15, 2007, 08:30PM, it's official. I'm one year single. Cheers to everyone. haha. LOL. I'm happy. Not because no "special" someone cares for me but I've known my priorities in life and i find more time to know myself more than before and i find time to assess as well. I'm blessed to have my family and few friends with me. it's enough for me.

Am I that skinny? I eat more than 3 times a day and more than I should. But then, why do i still look anorexic?

It's early Monday morning and I decided to eat alone in the kitchen. They are still sleeping that's why. While I was eating, I came to think of marriage. No, not marriage actually. i was actually thinking about what I know about Primary Complex when suddenly the thought of marriage arise.

I should marry someone completely healthy. No. Not only her.but also her family must have no trace of hereditary diseases.

It's a problem for me actually. I don't wanna think that way but if I really have concern about how MY CHILD will be raised and will be kept healthy, I should start thinking now about this concern. It will be hard on my part. I will have to look at her family health background first because i start trying to fall in love. In that case, it's a great percentage or shall I say that there will be a great probability that I will have to TRY LEARNING TO LOVE someone than falling in love first without taking down of those considerations. But I hope not too.

Why am I freaking this way? Well, I know it's not a trivia anymore that I am a sickly person. I myself has asthma and congenital heart disease. I also had a history of Primary Complex which we treated for 12 months and Pneumonia (Hospital-acquired) which I had just recently. My mother's side has a family history of respiratory diseases. My father on the other hand has high cholesterol level and a history of heart diseases. Now, if in case, I'll get to marry someone who has the same family condition as mine, it will be a big trouble then. In that case, I can conclude that I am just thinking of myself. Am I that selfish? Yeah, I guess if I will and not take of my incoming child in the future.

I try to be as spontaneous as possible but my life incidences is proving that I just can't. I am not stressed actually because I know things/incidences happen for such reason. May it be good or bad. If most will be bad, i know there's one reason. for me to learn and that will make a better person. I just have to be optimistic in this life situation.


Arlo said...

It's funny how people think of that possibility. You're not alone Parekoy. I also encountered that dilemma before. I am sickly myself: frequent flu, history of asthma, etc. And most of my relatives die in a certain form of cancer. Laureen has a strong diabetic bloodline. Her youngest sister is even injecting insulin at her arms and abdomen at a very young age. Our families (both sides) thought of the possibilities. Yet, it ended up, well, just accepting it. We have this belief that God will help us overcome whatever trials that will come our way and we have a great faith in that. And I believe everyone should have this faith in him. I'm not really sure about love being learned Aaron. Learned love is a learned feeling. Love with destiny is magic. Love should not be forced. Force hurts. Love should not be held back. It's a free spirit.

People really have different perspectives. Good luck Parekoy.

Jay Ar said...

me too. im skinny even if i eat for more than 3 times a day. dunno why. my parents told me its because of genes. hmm, it quite convinced me for a while unless i am thinking that something is wrong with what i am eating. i also experienced respiratory problems before. as of now, i'm a little bit sickly and it is evident in my things because you can always see an umbrella in my bag (yikes haha) just in case a downpour happens.

karlee said...

Hay nako aarooonnn.. Pareho tayo. XD matakaw din ako, pero kita mo naman diba. payat payat ko :>

inisip ko na lang na gift yun. kasi ang hirap nga naman magpigil ng kinakain.

Maaga pa para isipin yang marriage!! XD

Jigs said...

When I got to the last paragraph, I understood better your reason for freaking out and wanting a healthy partner. But it's virtually impossible to find some one as pristine. And, when love strikes, will you reject her just because her family has a hereditary disease? There's nothing wrong with wanting protection and health for your future child, but just because you or your wife's family has a hereditary disease, it's not a 100% that your child will get the disease.

L.A said...

Marriage? Wow! Mukhang Best Father Blog na ata to ah LOL!

Ako kaya ikakasal? But looking for a healthy partner...hmp mukhang mahirap syempre considering yung family BG nila and other stuffd with the word connected to GENES.

Hay life nga naman...anyway kamusta nmn pla ang prizes mo? any updates? inaway ka nanaman ba nila?
Nyahaha! PM mo ko!