Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hi! I apologize if lately, i am so senseless, and most of the time out of my mind. in the previous entries, i apologize if except my entry for Wika 2007, the rest of the entries are nothing but a waste of time to read. i am sorry if i was not able to cheer up everyone and give some inspirational taglines to keep motivated and determined in life. At the moment, your friend is in search of answers. He thought all the while that he is one of the strongest person who won't let anyone see him crying. He also have thought that being a provider of his needs, he must pursue and work hard for everything especially now his dreams are coming and his objectives for his dreams are soon to be met right after he finished his studies. but suddenly his world has to stop for everything is breaking down into pieces while everyone's world has to continue moving on. it's just sad that in reality, broken pieces cannot be glued just to bring back the pieces together. Like in all signs that are displayed, Please Handle with care, Fragile or Once broken, it is considered taken. Your friend did not mean to neglect the signs. it just happen that no matter how tight his grip to the things he is holding, it just can't help but slip on his hands. Your friend believed that he has already paid the price but unfortunately can't afford to buy again another piece. it's out of stocks already. that's the last piece and last product to be produced. In life, yeah, there are no rewinds nor pause. you can fast track but can never go back to correct or observe what went wrong


Doubting Thomas said...

hey jamezz, sorry i havent voted yet! huhu. till when ba ang voting? just text me about this... i can't register sa work kasi, i wala akong password manager dito. pero promise i will really vote for your entry.

Dantes said...

We are fragile but even in the depths of our misery, we can still get back the pieces and rebuild ourselves.

Hold on.

daniel-Jr said...

wow, i can relate. goodluck sa wika entry mo :D

anjy said...

o ayan.. magkokomento na ko, pinipilit mo akong mag-comment. sa totoo lang hindi ko naman talaga alam lahat nangyayari sa buhay mo para maintindihan ko kung ano na nararamdaman mo ngayon.

Sa mga sinabi mo sa 'kin..

...kaw pa.. kaya mo yan..maniwala ka. May dahilan naman kaya nangyayari yan at lahat tayo dumadaan dyan. wag ka lang mawawalan ng pag-asa.