Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This is my last birthday actually. Why last? This is the last year my family will be complete. The next year, perhaps on the second quarter, my family will be like a band who had a misunderstanding and just decided to disband. The next year, even how hard i wish, i will already be far from the people I love. And it's sad. Oh, today is also the last time i'll be celebrating my birthday as a student. The next year, I'm already a regular employee from the hospital i'll be working. And if I go back to school again, I guess that is because of getting my Master's degree or continuing to medicine as either pediatrician or internal med. I thought it will be that memorable. Yeah, it was memorable, but of some sort. I wanna thank those few people who remembered my day. To blogger friends, Rens for the early greeting, Kim, Vinch, Rob, Shari, and Karla. Also, thanks to Irvin for the sms. It's nice that you still remember and was able to greet me on time despite of the differences in the time zone. I hope everything is going so smooth there. I wanna thank those few high school friends, Gladys, Cristina, Rose, Shiela for not forgetting the days of each other. To Carrine for the last minute call, thank you. To the only one old college friend, Jennylyn, thank you. To the present college friends, Celine (bes), Anakat (for the song), Ching, Nerie, Charity, Sheila, Noel, Mona, Melanie, Julie, Ann May, Carol and Cherrie. Oh, thanks to Carmela also who effort to call me on the first and last hours of my day. Thanks to Amba, Eljay, and Kuya Landung too. Of course, to my very family, Dad, Mom, Irish, Gabriel, Alexxi, and Mark. I had a great day. Not that happy but enough to feel special. Happy birthday to my co-blogger, Coy. :)


Dantes said...

Hey Hey! Don't get sad whatever happens. It's your birthday and if I was only there for you, I'd be making it the happiest moment of your life! :) Belated Happy Birthday Tata!

zeus-zord said...


so i guess, belated happy birthday?

ammm.. hmmm

its been some long time that i have blog hopped and updated myself from the net so i didn't know

if i knew i could have greated you, not that you care though. anyway.

happy birthday, belated

gyk said...

wag masyadong malungkot.

anyway. belated happy birthday to you!

karlee said...

Sinta koo, Belatedd :> Don't you worry, we really can't tell what the future holds so, baka yang mga predictions mo eh hindi naman talaga mangyare :D except for the last birthday as a student, wag ka naman sana umulit (like that's gonna happen)

Lalon said...

wui ang tagal kong di nakadalaw hehe.. ang alam ko na-greet na kita hehe. Post naman dyan. ;)

utakGAGO said...


i've been missing a LOT lately with you guys (bloggers). anyway, BELATED happy birthday sayo! :)

may the TEENage spirit be with you. :p hahaha

sorry super late yung bati. ngayon lang talaga nag-bloghop. :)>- peace!