Friday, December 14, 2007


I still remember when i was a child, I always have this wanting to be in such a dreamland. To be there is like a frustration. I always thinks living in such a place is like heaven where you can buy anything you want. seeing them happy, i'm becoming more and more determined. I didn't stop pushing through to that dream. But upon growing, I started to realize that success and happiness can't be together. When I was still far to that dreamland, when it was only a dream, we were so happy, life was so fulfilling. Each day is so worthwhile. And to my thought of adding more happiness, i didn't stop. And now that I am near, happiness, where are you? Now that a dream can be a part of my reality, why did you left me so alone? Happiness, where are you? Can you take me back to where we used to be? To a life far away from the dreamland? Would that still be possible?

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Arlo said...

Don't be so pessimistic, Parekoy. We all have our frustrations. Though the line "success and happiness can't be together" sort of alarmed me in a way. It's cliche but the road to success is never easy. But I believe there's fulfillment with finally having to grasp what we've always wished for. Never lose hope in seeing true happiness.

Stars. It's not every night that we see them but we know that they're just there. Clouds are mobile so we just have to wait for tomorrow.

God has plans. We just have to entrust Him with everything.

Bring back that smile Parekoy.