Sunday, January 20, 2008

unlimited access

having an unlimited internet connection which you can access 24/7 is a tough responsibility. For those who do not have, having an unlimited internet access plus a laptop which you can use privately and anytime may seem to be a big craving that is always wished to have. for more than two years of deciding to have one, i have seen a big regression when it comes to prioritizing my goals in life. from being a studious student, i suddenly turned not so far to come what what may philosophy. I always feel I have all the time in the world. instead of making life easier, life turned to be harder for me. i even came to a point that i am sacrificing some of my physiologic needs like sleeping with the required number of hours and eating on time. for some unknown reason, i can't seem to find the answer how the hands of time move so fast whenever i started to use the internet. i have changed a lot. good thing i blog my life coz if not, i'll be having a hard time to get to know myself again. My laptop just crashed at the first month of the year. I guess that's signal to start another chapter of my life in a new year. a life full of hope AGAIN. tomorrow, i'll be going to the internet provider who gave me this unlimited internet access and a wasted life to permanently unsubscribe. I realized i can be better with a limited internet access. I will still blog and keep in touch but not as often as i used before with my far away friends and blogger friends who I consider myself close to them (irvin, LA, ian, karlee, shari, joe, jhed, rens, moses, and others). I feel so refreshed. brand new, AGAIN.

keep in touch!


bulitas said...

oh my. am soo right. the internet serves a blindfold over time's spell in our lives. the vast realm of the internet, the ever changing worlds in there keeps you out from the menace of time.
unfortunately, you can't live in a cyberworld forever. somehow you need to get your foot back on earth and bathe yourself with the harsh reality that time will never cease to make us feel inferior, wasted and useless. but blah to time! haha.
naiintindihan kita pareng aaron. d2, kahit sa'n me internet.
disiplina lang at prioritization. =)
u do well there.
all the best!

karlee said...

time flies faster when you're having fun. :))

sa summer mo na lang ibalik yan, para makapagconfe sessions at GB sessions ulit. :P

awww.. i'll miss you! goodluck sa stdies ah? text text! :D

Sa uulitin, sinta.

Anonymous said...

The Internet has become a medicine for me that I should take everyday. I'm really addicted to it. And I confess that it is one of the reasons why I cannot focus on my studies. I always end up reading blogs instead of reading my notes. And oh, my daily dose of the Internet is hard to remove from my system. Magkaka-withdrawal syndrome ako. Haha.