Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Eraserheads: The Reunion

Me and my friends actually doesn't have any plan to watch the concert because of some sudden changes with regards to ticket admission. But luckily, I and my friends (who blog) were able to watch the Eraserheads Reunion. The admission ticket for patron costs 1371.50Php so super thanks to Redhorse for sponsoring our tickets so we can witness a once in a lifetime concert event. And of course more thanks to Kuya Juned who offered us the invite that I know anyone would grab. What was scheduled for that day is just to have a post birthday celebration of my 2 friends, Shari and Angel @ Drews in Katipunan. But with the free invite, we just decided to celebrate it after the said concert event. It was a nice experience being there, witnessing everything especially that it's just a "reunion" concert of a reputable and considered as a band icon here in the Philippines which makes it differ from any other concert for this is just really once in a lifetime and really unexpected event for my time. It's just really hard to admit that they got disbanded because of some differences. I am so happy because I was able to listen to their songs live but sad as well because of the incident that happened to Ely Buendia. I know it's a bit disappointing to most of the fans to cut the concert early but for me it's more okay to cut the concert than risk Ely's health condition. We just have to be understanding for that moment. At least the night had been a day for fans. At least, that night, the people with one interest united once again. We just hope that there will be a continuation or shall we call a part 2.

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