Thursday, December 17, 2009

Motorola Warranty Service

It feels good to have a phone that is indeed different from what people are used to. It was in November 2007 when I decided to get a new phone for myself as sort of birthday present. I bought a Motorola Rokr E6 which was at around 400 USD that time. It was nice and I find it a very good phone. I am totally enjoying all the features. Phone security is also one of the things I consider when choosing one. I always make sure that certain features from the phone like SMS and screen are password protected. It’s not because I hide something or what but I find it a relief that I can sort of provide privacy for myself. But above all, I always make sure that I can always run after the phone company through the use of service warranty. As a consumer, it is my right to make sure that I get the most of what I have paid through Quality Assurance. I got a two-year service warranty and I’m happy with that. I didn’t have any problem with the phone. In fact, my Rokr E6 was one of the phones I had that has a good casing that never fades, a camera feature that does not decrease in quality, and many more. But it was in late March of this year (2009) when the screen lock slide had a minimal problem. Because of this, I accidentally call people in my contact list most of the time while it is in my pocket. It is a problem because I get billed for those phone calls but didn’t pay much attention that time because I can’t find any replacement yet. And also I am aware that if I have to send my phone for repair, it may take about 2 months before I get it back. It was in late April when I got a new one so I’ve decided that maybe it’s about that to have it fixed. When I sent it personally to one of their nearest store, one of the ladies told me that they’ll just contact me in a week or so once it is received by the main office where phones are usually repaired. I told them ok and that I’ll look forward for that call. the transaction went very smooth that time. But two weeks came, I have not received any phone call. But I just let it pass. I just told myself that maybe the delivery takes time. But three weeks came but everything is still in dead silence so I decided to try and give them a call. It was a long distance call but I know that’s part of the follow up. When I called them, the lady who answered the call was a bit rude. I got turned off because I was just calling to follow up for MY phone that is covered under THEIR warranty. After placing me on long hold, she just told me that they’ve already received the phone the first week I’ve sent it. I got mad because I should’ve been updated with where and how’s my phone now. I asked them how was it. They just told me that they’re still “waiting” for the part to arrive so they can have it fixed. There’s no definite time when it will be fixed. Remember they said they’re still “WAITING” for the part to arrive so they can have it fixed. Because of that, I assumed that they have already ordered the part and that it would arrive soon. But NO! After sending my phone for repair on 5th of May, June came and nothing happened. July came, the same thing. August, not even a phone call or any update on how was it. September, it’s crazy the lady even shouted at me when I called them. I’m just following up on my phone that I sent last May and it’s already September. You can’t avoid me to worry on my phone. It’s like HELLO? It’s already 5 months and I have not received any phone call. Not even a single one. It’s always me who call them and get billed for those follow ups. That was terrible. I asked her straight how long would it take for that @*%#$& part to arrive because it’s several months now since they last told me they’re still waiting for the part which she still used as an excuse when I called. I told them I can pay for the courier so the part would arrive because it’s really taking forever. Seriously. I still received the indefinite answer that there’s no definite time when would that arrive. I madly told her, the first three weeks when I sent my phone for repair, that was the excuse I received. Why until now? It’s been five months already. Even the cheapest delivery would be able to deliver the part in not more than two months. I really had a hard time with them but I still allowed it. October and November came and nothing happened. That’s insane. It’s always me who call them for follow ups and yet what I received are retard people who in return is more mad at me. After 7 months of inconvenience, I’ve finally decided to pull out my phone. Anyway, the $#%&@*warranty has also expired. I can’t do anything now but have it back unrepaired. That was a crazy warranty and customer service experience. Recently, when I was about to claim it, they offered me 40% discount instead if I decided to get a new phone ONLY IF I’ll surrender my Rokr E6. I said after all that happened, NO WAY!

But the horrible experience does not end there. Upon checkin my phone at home because I missed it so much, I found something worser than having it not fixed. There were some left SMS that I saw which are all between the month of July and August while my phone is in the “process” of repair. WHAT THE HELL?! Was my phone really sent for repair or was it sent to have someone use it? That’s crazy. I want to file some legal action for that because that’s really a terrible experience. I am really mad with what Motorola did. I’ll surely tell everyone my experience with Motorola.

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