Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Digital Marketing and Its Influence to Advertisers and Consumers

Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit

Digital Marketing is one of the industries that is booming for few years now. Advertisers have seen potential with blogs for it being the fastest and most reliable way to reach out with consumers. Smart consumers always shop around and word of mouth (verbal or written) is one of the most trusted advertisement. We all have the potential to advertise and become efficient in every single field that we choose since we are influential in our thine ways. And talking about these Internet and mobile marketing in the Philippines today, we are now engaged with this kind of social transformation.

We can be experts in using strategies in attracting advertisers and consumers at the same time through the help of course of nothing but experts with this field. Common impression of people from experts is that they do not share secrets for if they will make the available resources to the public, he will be in no way different from struggling competitors. But that's not how web and social media strategist Jeremiah Owyang sees it. The Digital Ripple: 4th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit is an event that will be held this coming 19-20 of this month (August) at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Manila Philippines to help not just you but the rest of the Filipino people who are willing to open their eyes and lend their ears so they can unleash the potential in each one of us. Get involved! Register!

There are many ways to to be involved and take part of this once in a lifetime opportunity that will surely change the way on how you see each opportunity that comes your way. Follow IMMAP on Facebook. Take responsibility of how you post too by also knowing how to manage who you are on the Internet. Tell a friend. And let them know what Search Profile Index is. The more we take responsibility on how we post too attracts advertisers and consumers even more.

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