Friday, December 31, 2010

A Much Happy Year-End Sale!

New York is such a lovely place especially on special holidays like Christmas through New Year. Who would not want to celebrate New Year in Times Square seeing everyone do the countdown so I decided to go there with my family last 27th of December so we can celebrate it differently cuz it's either we're in Phoenix AZ or Tom's River NJ. Anyway, since NJ is just a stone throw away from NYC, it was a lot easier for me to convince my family to go there.

And my first mission? SHOPPING! There were so many pop up booths that were selling these specially designed 2011 sunglasses were my sister decided to get one for herself which she would be wearing during the countdown. I was thinking of getting one too but I decided to check out other pop up trade show displays so I can have more choices. It was fun. I was not able to buy a 2011 eyeglass but I was able to purchase a 2011 hat at one of a trade show pop up. It was more like of a Chikara hat which is starting to be famous here too! I kind of felt bad because I have bought something like an Eskimo hat at Gap which I can wear too but I have seen a lot similar to what I have bought at a much cheaper price in one of the pop up displays. But anyway, I am still so excited to celebrate new year now here in NYC. I'll update you soon friends and I'll try to upload some pictures whenever I find time!

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