Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to get some new Scrubs

Working in a nursing home for the past 10 years, I can say that I've already met almost all types of patients. Seeing them come and go has almost become a routine. They are like the uniforms and scrubs I wear daily. In time, they get old and when I'm about to change medical nursing uniforms, I get assigned to a new patient.

It's hard to see them come and go. I remember the first time I entered a nursing facility, I was thinking of what to do. Cuz I will not be dealing with people of my age. They are twice or thrice my age and others are four or five times. The type of community setting they grew up from was completely different from mine. No matter how hard I convince ourselves that I grew up in the same country as theirs, community setting will never be the same. I went on major adjustments. I even learned how to lengthen my patience. There will be times that it's dinner time and they don't want to talk to anyone. Sometimes, they happen to take their medications late because of their midnight dramas so I've thought of something different. I thought of changing my uniforms and scrubs frequently. They have short attention span and there's really nothing we can do to control it, hence, we all have to deal with it. Life is good and that's what my patients have taught me.

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frage und antwort said...

Yes I can understand that. From time to time you need a change. It is similar to the stewardesses - they also appreciate when the airlines decides to change the outfit hihi :-)