Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Coffee Book 2013 by Bo's Coffee

Few days ago, I received a Coffee book planner from a good friend who works at Bo's Coffee. I wasn't really expecting it because I am still unsure if I'm going to use a planner or not. My bag is kind of heavy these days and I may not be able to afford add another stuff and pretend they're light. Hey, I'm just 115 pounds and carrying a laptop, office notebook, personal journal, lunchbox, umbrella and now another planner is definitely no joke! Haha. Anyway, when she handed it to me and had the chance to scan it while asking her what's that about and what made it different from other planners I can get from other coffee brands, what she said was simple and caught me straight: It's all-in-one. The reason I don't personally use a planner for myself is that I may be busy but a planner may be really too much. The concept of planner these days changed from how people use it before. The people who collects it now are the younger market who just basically "collects" it but not being able to utilize it well. because the spaces left for them are just for plotting their daily scheds and the rest of the space is really just about branding.

What separates Bo's Coffee's The Coffee Book is that it's really an all-in-one thing! It's not even called a planner because it's really more than that. It's a book encompassing both coffee and Philippine travel, yet, still allowing you to use an extra space to write your million-dollar ideas while on the road, in a meeting, or places you usually hang out with. Personally, it's something that I'd really consider using because I can get away with my office notebook, and personal journal because this can cover both. On top of that, the materials used for this coffee book were from recycled materials. It always feels good to support the environment even in simplest ways you can like this one. 

Now, how can you have get one for yourself? It's simple. A coffee card will be issued to you when you purchase any of their coffee from today until January 31st of 2013. You will need to collect 14 stickers and make sure the store Team Leader have signed it in order to make the claim valid. 

If you're a Filipino, a coffee lover, interested in trivia, and if you love traveling, this one's perfect for you! 

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