Saturday, September 30, 2006


when do you know you are already in love? and when do you know that it's only friendship that the other side can offer? here are the questions of life i always ask to myself and perhaps you too keep on aking. A friend sent a GM (group msg) asking "pa'no mo sasabihin sa isang tao na mahal mo siya pero di siya iiwas sa iyo? (how can you tell to a person that you are inlove with him/her without that person moving away?). here is my answer: parting from you is a consequence of the reality game called love. there should be always timing. love can wait. there is always right time. you don't have to hurry so you dont have to worry. haha. corny one. in friendship especially in my situation, it is very easy for me to develop my feelings to a girl when we started to get close. then teasing follows. it aches ten times more that she is telling you about her boyfriend. i got this happy feeling when my friend told me the she and her boyfriend get separated. alas i can have my move. but with my respect and for believing that his boyfriend will do better than i, i convinced her to attach with his boyfriend and reconcile with him. problems are just part of the thing called "LOVE," i said. now, i am happy to tell, they are still attach with each other. attached for more than 4 years and still counting. it's ok. she's still my friend anyway and she do not know what i feel for her. :)

when you feel something odd in your friendship with your opposite sex, be sensitive enough to know what you feel for each other before making any move, or else, the relationship will not last for a lifetime.

mushy but the next phrases that you will see are those that i really look for and wanted to have:

  • A bestfriend for a lifetime. a person who will be with me anytime. someone who fits my personality

  • A recommendation paper for me to be a missionary nurse

  • A friend who will join me in my tour to Singapore next year

  • To be a radio jock for a day.

  • A remedy with my high school best friend. she's in pain i believe

  • Sleep

  • Things to know about me
    One day, un my high school life after dreaming to be a physician, i just realize something. everything that happens become significant. it's is then when i knew that i am receiving a calling. a calling from God to serve Him. I ignored it for i am afraid to sacrifice all the things i have in life. day by day, i always feel like living with God. not until one day in my college years when i met my hs friend who used to make my religion class more challenging. he stopped taking tourism in one of the prestigious university here in the Philippines. i told him, "eh tol i am still asking for sign and i am not yet ready to sactifice what i have. i want to have children and see them growing. i want to marry someone who will be with me for the rest of my life. and i want to make ny parent's smile before i live my own. though they will allow me to go to seminary, i still failed them. what if i am not meant there pala? i'll hurt them more. basta, i'll do something. tsaka na ung mga gusto ko. sila muna." Today, i've come to think of it again...

    To love me:
    since i believe that i am really a good friend and a boyfriend, here are some things you need to know and understand about me:
  • i am so gentle with girls. to love me is not to get jealous with my girl-friends. :)

  • i may not have a broad shoulder for you to lean on but i have the presence to listen and comfort you

  • i am a very open person. ask me and i'll answer it.

  • a friend is a friend and a loving someone intimately is a very different thing. (Must get out)

  • i always wear a big smile.

  • i dont get mad. but many still see me as hot-tempered person. but really, i'm not

  • i am as wacky as your visualization can reach. though i look serious at times

  • i fit myself to the person i am with. not them adjusting with me. :)

  • that is why if you tell to others who am i to you, it won't be the same as other individual persons will describe me. though others are just same. not all

  • if you need some advice about anything or questions about anything especially about life, i am here. i can't promise to give the right words but i will try to enlighten you

  • a friend whom i have loved has a plan to enter to a convent. she told me about it. and i told her my plans of entering a seminary. :)

  • what you see is never always what you get. see me deeper and you will find some good things about me. :)

  • love me for who i am. not of what i have.

  • Thanks for reading!


    utakgago said...

    i may not have a broad shoulder for you to lean on but i have the presence to listen and comfort you..

    owkamon dude. drama mo!!!

    anyway. To be a radio jock for a day. <- this is also one of my wishlists. :) asa pa me. ahehehe. though i have a good voice, my diction somehow perpetrates its way to perfection.


    aaaaaaaand what do you mean HULING SEMESTER mo na sa pagiging nars? huh? you'd quit????


    Rob said...

    well, mahirap talaga paghaluin ang friendship at love. sabi nga nung isang text message. 'if you're looking for pain, sleepless nights and suffering... find and friend and fall in love."


    cars said...

    great post. :)
    missionary nurse--> naalala ko dati ung mga chats natin. i'm really sure you'll achieve that dream some day. you really seem selfless about it and i feel your determination. :D goolaack!!

    em-em said...

    naalala ko tuloy yung conversation natin regarding sa "things to know about me" mo nung nakila-shiela tayo..remember?! katulad ng sinabi mo sa love.. may tamang oras din siguro kung talagang dapat ka ng rumespond sa call ni God...

    it will be easy for you na pumasok sa seminary if you're ready to sacrifice everything... kasi kung hindi mo pa magagawa..hindi ka pa talaga makakapasok...

    time will come na maanswer din yung mga prayers mo... kung hindi man natupad.. paniguradong may mas maganda pang nakalaan sa iyo... God knows what's the best for you! Trust Him! and everything will be alright!

    Jhed said...

    Emo-ness and mushy in one post? Wow. Hindi ko akalain na magagawa mo iyon. LOL.

    Be patient, my friend. Darating at darating din ang para sa iyo, lalo na dun sa wishlist mo.

    BTW, bakit di ka sumali sa Radio Idol ng RX 93.1? Haha. Wala lang. LOL. :P

    potpot said...

    haloo.. dumaan lang.. hehhe.nice post.. may pagka romantic nga lang.. ang cute eh.. hehhee.. :)

    ngaun lang ako nkencoutner ng guy na open sa feelings niya bout love..

    calyn =) said...

    pare, i can't believe it.. magpapari ka? panu yon? c dr. lust magpapari...(di ko maimagine..) joke! nway, may nakapagsabi nga sa akin na, wen u find a great friend, make it a point to never fall in love with that person...because you'll never know you might lose a great friend and you'll just realize that the best way to ruin friendship is love... kalungkot non..pero totoo... hirap talaga kapag nagsama ang friendship at love... sakit sa ulo at sa puso...

    garytarugo said...

    it aches ten times more that she is telling you about her boyfriend. i got this happy feeling when my friend told me the she and her boyfriend get separated.

    nakaka-relate ako dito. haha!

    lite anonymous said...

    hmmm... i dunno... i dunno...

    Cai said...

    nakarelate ako dun sa sinabi mo na how can you tell the person you like/love him without that person moving away from you...its so hard..actually nanghinayang ako sa friendship..but after awhile i said to myself, "there are things not really meant for me"..."life moves on and as you live just hope and pray one day you'll meet the person you're dreaming and wishin to love me for who i am.."...

    you have a gf ba?...or single?

    keep in touch...keep that big smile, maybe someone likes you smile, you just don't know..."

    rinah said...

    dramatics ito ah :P hayyy buhay nga naman. :) basta darating dinyan. haha. hala ka baka may magapply na nyan mamayamaya ayikeee=) dumaan:)

    pUcCagUrL said...

    hay. lovin a friend is tough.

    ingat. it can break a very nice friendship. been there.

    abel said...

    i can join you in a tour ti singapore, provided it's for free, hahahag, just kidding

    Anonymous said...


    iba ka talaga!! lagi aqng nasusurprise sa personality mo..ang BAET at ang drama!!hehe d halata..

    dont worry nube..olwyz have faith lahat nang gusto mo matutpad din!!