Friday, March 16, 2007


Finally thesis work is partially over. haha. yeah, partially. since our thesis proposal has been approved, we can already start conducting a more intesive research. Chapters IV and V are the ones still to be added and i will conduct it this summer. we have received minimal corrections and i really feel fulfilled since i am the only one who worked hard for it. i am happy to say that it is only a word from the title that was suggested to be changed by the panel of judges. from: Effects of Personal and Lifestyle-related variables to hypertensive clients, they changed it to: Relationship of Personal and Lifestyle-related profiles to hypertensive clients. haha. i asked the prestigious panel of judges if i can use Correlates instead of "Relationship" since they are synanymous with one another and the word correlates has a great impact and seems like really a research but they suggested us to use relationship still since we are just beginners. haha. our school has received much compliments and its overwhelming for the students and the university itself. that shows our capability to compete with the worlds increasing demand for therapeutic care and not just merely care. Here are some pictures of us after the defense:



(with bell and madelyn)

(L-R: Nerie, Madelyn, Sierra, Belle, Lance, Me)

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chris said...

congrats on your defense. now comes the hard part, conducting the survey... hehe good luck on that one. ;)