Saturday, October 13, 2007


Have you ever had the feeling that you only live in a house and not in a home?

House- a structure made of either wood, gravel and sand, cement, irons, or combinations in which people live; a residence for human beings that provides one of the basic physiologic need - protection from endeavors.

Home - a house lived by family filled with love and affection living with pleasant connotations and provides two of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Safety and security, and Love and Belongingness.

For almost a month now, I really feel homeless. Yes, I may have family but I don't really feel I belong. I apologize but I don't really mean to feel this way (who else does?). The habitation is calm and yet I simply find it hard to come across with tranquility. At the moment, I already have the idea of giving up everything. Maybe it's about time to give something little for myself. When I sacrificed my identity, I left nothing for myself except only the feeling of expectation that soon I will be loved. For almost 20 years, I just keep on expecting but still, my presence seems to be too little to be recognized. I'm sorry if because of me, all dreams failed. I deeply and sincerely apologize for the troubles I caused. I do not intend to have this situation happen. If only I can predict, maybe it's already me who did something when I was still in the womb to prevent further damage of your dreams. I can't chase myself now. I already forgot who I should be. My identity was misled by the so much life’s demands. I am contented and satisfied with the sacrifices I made. For sure I will keep on doing more. What I just want is at least even a little appreciation of my existence. Do I demand that much?


david.edward said...

hey cheer up.. if you need to think and isolate yourself from others, do so. pero go on with your life.. marami pa rin nagmamahal sa iyo.. nanjan ung pamilya mo.

L.A said...

Emo? Oo nga naman cheer up, see how sad you are you even manage to put the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in this post. Just be glad for you have us ok? Everything will be alright in God's time.

P.S - Ngayon ko lang napansin yung 'Ohana" Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. ;)

Jed said...

dads, cheer up. kahit ganyan sile, they're still your family. they love you, deep inside their hearts.

cheer up dads, ayt? :D

Shari said...

I've felt that way numerous times before. I'm a rebel kid eh. Basta you just hang on and do some reflective thinking. It'll help.

cars said...

aww. hey kuya. :)

always remember you have a home in the hearts of the bloggers. *hug*

i also know that feeling. i guess it's a feeling most of us share... sadly. haayy. kuyaa.

sa lilo and stitch. i love what lilo says.. just as what LA has posted.

daniel-Jr said...

naalala ko tuloy yun song na "a house is not a home"

Jinjiruks said...

musta na pamangkin. gaya gaya ka naman ng pagiging senti.

zeus-zord said...


minsan ganun talga ang pamilya, pero matututunan mo ding tanggapin yan

aaus din ang lahat

ganyan din ako minsan e

nakakaramdam ng ganyan