Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Letter

It's been a while since we last talked. For the longest time I waited such opportunity, I never thought that I will be acting like a naive. We both know that we have feelings to one another, but I as a man do not make such move, showing that I am unaffected, innocent. Please remember that I highly appreciate not just your existence but all your efforts just to make me notice you. I may appear insensitive at ALL times because despite all, I just decided to remain quiet. Beaten by my pride, and the situation I'm currently in, I don't have any achievement nor any form of riches to cite just to show that I can be a good man and a provider in the future. Everyday, it's been always a dream to see and hug you but I guess it will just remain as a dream. If given the opportunity, I still won't. Yeah, I'm such an asshole for this decision. I'm sorry, but, I believe you can find a better man than me.


Anonymous said...

ang lungkot naman nun. anyhow, it was nice meeting you sa trinoma yesterday. kahit brief lang yun.. at kamusta nman yun, I was really unaware of the event.. hehe

karlee said...

Sayang talaga yung pinaghirapan ko kanina. anyway.

It is sad. Though, sana talaga you had the courage to tell her. well maybe things are not yet over with you guys. Maybe the next time you see her, or be with her alone, you'd have the guts to tell her :) GO AARON!

the donG said...

kaya mo yan tol. i suggest na sabihin mo sa kanya. sometimes we get the wrong perception. kung hindi naman, ok lang at least alam nyang mahal mo sya.